Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi Everyone!
I'm going to try and post some pictures of my tops that I mentioned in my last post.
Here are my Scnibbles tops for October. The first is all pumpkin prints. The background fabric is to busy I feel.
The second was fussy cut and modified from the pattern leaving out the star point on the inner diamond, it still needs it's borders.
Both are completely from my stash.

I haven't worked on my Hocuspocusville for a few days. Here are the 3 of 12 houses that are done. The fourth one is almost done and I'll try to post that when it is.

I didn't mention in my earlier post that I just fell in love with Any Witch Way in Quilt Maker. I love taking a regular sized pattern and making a mini from it. It's not a true mini, just much smaller. The second picture are 2 smaller sizes on top of the normal size, they still need borders. the mini measures 9 1/2" square before borders.

I'm learning how to post pictures and using this blog. Sorry for the awkward layout, but hopefully you can see what I've been up to!


  1. Dona,

    Love yur hocus pocus ville so far and absolutely love the background. I think we could be twins.
    Congrats on started your blog. Jane

  2. Hi Dona,
    Your quilts are beautiful! I just love those witches you made! And the spooky houses are very neat. Thanks for sharing. Isn't blogging fun!?


  3. Love the Hocus Pocus green fabric. How did you get the pattern on the fabric. I seem to have trouble seeing the pattern through the fabric and tracing it. If you could post on stashbusters I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!!

  4. I really like the 'busier' of the two quilts. The second one is like 'yeah, I've seen that before", but the first one stands out as 'unique'. Good job on all of them.
    Pat/Fl (non-blogger but avid reader of them!)

  5. Lovely blocks you have going! I'm also working on Hocupocusville! Just love that pattern. The four corner blocks are done and am now working on the side blocks. It's just a pleasant quilt to work on, mindless! lol Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  6. wowee! Two! what an overachiever!

  7. I love both quilts ~ and your blocks! The two Cindy Lous are terrific but the 2nd one is fabulous! Fussy-cutting rocks!

    I also love your Hocuspocusville blocks ~ those are amazing. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!