Monday, August 30, 2010


Do we start from the beginning of the parade or the end?  Maybe I'll just pick my favorite and start there.  Which is my favorite?  Do I pick the favorite pattern or favorite color?  Decisions, decisions.  Maybe I just won't start with a quilt.

Here is the latest addition to the family.  ASHES!  I knew right off that was her name.  We got her on June 1.  She was only 5 weeks old.  I know they should be older than that.  She came from a farm and we had been waiting for mom to let them make their appearance to the world.  She kept them hidden pretty good.  Ashes came out and rubbed against the farmer's leg and that was it.  We think she was the runt.  She has 6 other brothers and sisters (we found out a month later).  She was so tiny and loveable.  She is the only one who will let anyone pet her.  The rest will only come about 6 feet from you and that was just last week.  She's still on the small side but we love her just the same.  She was meant to be with us.  Recently she has taken to staying outside all day hanging out over the railing.  Yes, I did say hanging over the railing.  Her belly is flat with her legs hanging over each side.  What a riot.  She won't be doing that when there is 6 inches of snow in her spot. 

Oh, and at night she thinks my mouse should hang by it's tail!  (My wireless one is a pain to use).

Speaking of that horrible white are my tuffets I made for the month of December.  Mine are not pincushions...they are hot mats, mug rugs, coasters,...what ever is your favorite title.  I put insul-brite in them.  The flag tuffet is made like a pillow cover so you could put a pincushion bag in it if you would like.  They are the scraps from xmas gifts.  The xmas gifts were dresden plates with insul brite in them to use as large hot mats, place mats, or plate chargers as I gave them in sets of 4.

4 plate size chargers, the center piece one was the same just bigger at 20" side to side.

The colors in the charger picture are more accurate.  These (dresdens) were a bit challenging in trying to figure out how to finish the edges.  I wasn't going to miter all those points.  I hade 4 sets of 5 each (4 plate size and 1 gigantic) to finish.  The backing of each was a circle with the edges turned under so it that ran just inside of the valley of each peak on the back side.

My Dulcinea was made with April Cornel's Sunshine collection (almost 12 schnibbles to make this queen quilt).  I had bought the fabric a couple of years ago and set it aside for a strip quilt thinking I had a 1/2 yard bundle.  I needed to make a wedding gift and when I bought this pattern I knew those fabrics would work.  Turns out they were FQ's.  I knew they would all play together.  Why wouldn't they, they're all from the same collection.

  You have to understand I do not do well with scrappy quilts.   That is one of the reasons that I decided to do this.  I saw it as a challenge to myself to "work out of my box".  I also saw them as a way to use up some of the humgust stash and maybe be able to complete them.  NOT.  I haven't seen a dent in the stash; but alot of organizing has happened.  Although the top pile is a bit bigger, it's easier to quilt one of these than to push and wrestle with one as big a Dulcinea.  No wonder I'm mostly a topper!

Remember your quilt WILL get finished ...Stitch by Stitch

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Very Own Parade !!

Well out of the 12 months that we have been doing these I think I may finally be included into the montly parade.  Truly I have had the tops made on time but didn't get pictures in time or computer was acting up.  Because I want to show that I have infact been doing something I'm having my own parade.  Most of them are from my stash that hasn't gone down much; a few were either turnovers or charm packs.  I will explain over the next few posts hopefully along with other projects and the newest member to our family as promised.  Enjoy!!

I'm sorry for the layout....still learning...and very slowly at that.

September 2009  Winter White                                  

October 2009  Cindy Lou Who

November 2009   Picnic                                          

December 2009  Tuffet's and Sweet Liberty Tuffets

January 2010 Madeline

Februrary 2010   Sunday Best

March 2010   Roundabout                                                      

April 2010 Tag a long

May 2010 was MyChoice 
Dulcinea as a wedding gift

The happy couple

Hot Cross                                                                 

Mini Reveille or Monica's (Happy Zombie) Swanky

June 2010  State Fair

July 2010    Joy Luck

August 2010   Plan C


Short Story

I can't wait to start another year with these.  I'm addicted!
Until later acomplish what you can Stitch By Stitch...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life gets in the way!

It sure has been a while!  I haven't really been on the computer much...just long enought to check for each months schnibble pattern and directions for the BOM's I've been following.  I keep missing each months schnibble parade...each month's top is completed and even some have made it to being finished and in their new homes.

I will be posting again soon with my own parade of the year plus a few extras (depending on sunshine for pictures).  Also a new family member that has been taking up quite a bit of time.  Her name is Ashes and she is the sweetest.  She loves trying to stop the needle on my machine so I've learned how to sew one handed (the other is cupped around the needle).

Halloween projects have been started and keep getting set aside.  Hocus Pocus being one of these..will it get done this year?  We will have to see...not happy with the fabrics I keep picking for the center...maybe a scnibbles is what it needs.

Until next time...happy sewing