Monday, November 2, 2009

It's been a while since my last post. To many projects that I have been wanting to do and trying to finish. Then I couldn't get the batteries to work in my camera.
I had to rescue a sick child from school this morning. 102 temp! She was fine but just a bit tired yesterday. Guess Dorothy had to much fun trick or treating. She was upset that the dance was cancelled because to many kids were sick. The nurse was counting sick students when I arrived and 71 children are out today. The total just keeps climbing daily.
Speaking of Dorothy; she clicked her heels together quicker than I could get a picture. I make her costume every year. It did turn out pretty good! I had to laugh at her ruby slippers. She covered an old pair of crocks with duck tape and we painted on the glue and generously dusted with red glitter. It served the purpose. The forecast was for rain and we almost had it. The sky just opened up and dumped it's bucket for 5 minutes before dark. Then it stopped long enough to do the hour tour. It started sprinkling on the way home. We had fun seeing all the little ones.
These little treat bags (I made 10) went together so easily. I forget if they were on the Moda Bake Shop or Happy Zombie blog. I frequent both sites and have a long list of want to makes.
As promised here is my 4th Hocuspocus house. I just can't decide how I want the center to work. I like the homespuns, they give it that "old fashioned, eery look" but am not sure that this is what I will use. What do you all think? (My current design wall is a quilt that's hanging, that's why you see some red, white, and blue sneeking out.) I have another that I might use. Maybe I'll audition a few and post them at a later date. My goal of finishing this quilt by Halloween isn't happening this year. I'm still stitching this though.
Now that Halloween is over and it's time for xmas ideas. I started on identical quilts for her bunkbeds. They are going to be about queen size when done to be used as bed spreads. I'll post pictures of these at a later date also. As far as any other gifts; at the moment there aren't any. All of the kids are in high school and would rather money, but that's so impersonal to me. We'll see.
I went to my mystery quilt class last week. I love to look at all the samples in the classroom and have participated in many of them. This little Bloomin' 9 Patch caught my eye. Was it because it was little or because it was fall leaves print. Came home and had to make one. I will make another one but use different accent fabrics to make them stand out more. Maybe I'll even raid my fall foliage stash. That story is another post.
One of the gals at work had purchased a doll cradle but didn't like the blanket that came with it. It was too big and "boring". I like to make quilts and she likes to make garments. We swapped, she made Dorothy's shirt and I made this.
I showed her the top, she just about fell over. It was way more than what she had expected. I have always wanted to do an Irish Chain quilt, just didn't think my first would be a mini. Those squares measure about 5/8". I just love making these!!!
I appreciate all the comments. One lady isn't but maybe an hour away from me. I'm in the Burlington area and may take a road trip to find the shop in Rouses Point. As a child I remember going there for 4th of July.
I have to work on my Quilts For Kids kit and a couple out of my stash to send back, November Schnibbles (Picnic) has been ordered, catch up on mystery quilt class, and life. Till next time

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