Thursday, February 22, 2018

Been a looooong while!

I've negleted this blog for quite some time.  Maybe I should get back into it.  More of journaling than anything else. 

Well, I've been on a bag kick lately.  Why?  I'm not one to change bags alot.  I just enjoy the process of making them.  I love seeing how different fabric combinations look together.  In January there was a sew along for one particular bag.  I participated.  It was fun!  These ladies were also making some awesome wallets.  I decided that I needed to try these.  OMG!!! They are so addicting.   You can alter the wallet flap.  So many possibilites.  I have physically made 3, mentally hundreds! 

Why only 3?  Well I have been volunteered to make 7 pair of lined curtains.  If they were for me I could just whip them out, but they will be seen and even criticized by some people.  I feel anything that non family members see are a representation of my work and must be my best.  I took my time on them.  It would have been faster if the fabric wasn't so twisted.  We tried to save $$.  You get what you pay for.  I'm rather pleased with how they came out.  Now I just have to make the tie backs.

I woke up with one of those headaches!  I wasn't sure if I would be sick or not.  Had the feeling that I was but coffee smell didn't bother me like usually with one of these.  Give it about 1 hr and I was.  Once I was sick things settled better.

I really want to make another wallet!  I have 1 in mind to give that I wanted to make before the curtains.  Tore the house apart looking for the fabric even.  That had to go on hold.  I also was asked to make a special one.  I have to find my black and white fabric for this one.

My body wasn't in the thinking state, so I cruised the web looking for a certain paper pieced pattern I had done years ago.  I know I have it some where.  Key word:  SOME WHERE.  Looking at pictures is about all my body can handle right now.  Did I find it?  No.  I love this flower.  I'm not crazy about
paper piecing but will occasionally do it.  I'll have to go through the pattern box another day.  I did find other patterns that I would like to try down the road.

It's mid afternoon.  What to work on?  Wallet?  Tie backs?  Crocheted Hats for donation?  I need to keep my hands busy.  I'm sure I'll find something.  It'll be something simple I can assure you.

I'll try to keep you posted  Thanks for listening to my rambling and have a great day. 


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