Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Very Own Parade !!

Well out of the 12 months that we have been doing these I think I may finally be included into the montly parade.  Truly I have had the tops made on time but didn't get pictures in time or computer was acting up.  Because I want to show that I have infact been doing something I'm having my own parade.  Most of them are from my stash that hasn't gone down much; a few were either turnovers or charm packs.  I will explain over the next few posts hopefully along with other projects and the newest member to our family as promised.  Enjoy!!

I'm sorry for the layout....still learning...and very slowly at that.

September 2009  Winter White                                  

October 2009  Cindy Lou Who

November 2009   Picnic                                          

December 2009  Tuffet's and Sweet Liberty Tuffets

January 2010 Madeline

Februrary 2010   Sunday Best

March 2010   Roundabout                                                      

April 2010 Tag a long

May 2010 was MyChoice 
Dulcinea as a wedding gift

The happy couple

Hot Cross                                                                 

Mini Reveille or Monica's (Happy Zombie) Swanky

June 2010  State Fair

July 2010    Joy Luck

August 2010   Plan C


Short Story

I can't wait to start another year with these.  I'm addicted!
Until later acomplish what you can Stitch By Stitch...


  1. What a parade! Thanks for sending me the link!

  2. Welcome back to your "other life" Dona! I loved your parade! I will add Short Story to the group on Wed. Your Schnibbles are beautiful... who would have thought you have been keeping these all to yourself!