Sunday, April 14, 2013

Productive Weekend?

This is Hat Trick (Schibbles) and is being made with scraps.  It's this months Year of Schnibbles vintage quit and I'm using it for today's Scrap Basket Sunday.  I haven't signed in with either blog but will sometime this week.  I finally figured out how to load my pictures the old way.

This was tonight's beautiful sunset.  After sleet and hail and rain all day who would have thought we would be treated to this beauty!

This I discovered as I was reading one of my favorite blogs.  Good thing I didn't have any drink in my mouth.  I don't feel like cleaning a monitor.  After the week it's been, this is kinda how I feel.

It doesn't look like I had a very productive weekend but if I were to make a list it was.  Only one window still needing sheers made.  Three windows are now blindless!  Whoo-Hoo!  I despise those things.  They also found a new home before they were even down!  Did I get to touch the quilt I wanted to quilt?  Yup, moved it from Miss Lilly to the rocking chair.  Ashes thought it made a nice bed.

It's an early morning tomorrow.  Maybe I should get some Smarties to hand out to some co-workers if needed tomorrow.  Hope I don't need them.


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