Saturday, May 4, 2013


What's a Fruggly you ask?  Freeking Ugly!!!  (that's just MY opinion) My 17 year old disagrees with me.

These fabrics:
Very fuggly!

Became this:
Still kinda fuggly.

This is May's Vintage Schnibbles.  The center of the quilt is from my 5" scraps.  The purple in the borders was 1/2 a FQ (scrap bucket). 

I had two things in mind when I started this, well actually three.  I wanted to make my Schnibbles using up my scraps as part of my down-sizing (big time) my sewing items.  I succeeded in all.  It only made a teeny dent in the down sizing department.

This had the same goals in mind and was April's Scnibble "Hat Trick".  It was done in time but I forgot to figure out how to link and sign up.

Not so fuggly.

I'm gonna try and figure out how to link to Kim's Scrap Basket Sunday and sign up for Vintage Schnibbles.  I'm glad the girls decided to make it vintage this year.  I participated the first year, then life got turned upside down and I'm slowly getting back to my old self.  Sure feels good! 

I'm gonna enjoy the beautiful weather we are having right now.  Probaly be stitching something later.  It's my therapy! 

Till then...


  1. I'm going to giggle over Fruggly all day! I'm loving the Vintage Schnibbles theme too as I tend to collect the patterns but have a harder time getting them made. I like yours (I love purple) and think you make your frugglies look nice

  2. I love my new word - Fruggly! And, I love the lavender plaid you used. Suddenly fruggly became lovely. Happy scrappy Sunday!

  3. I like your new word, too! That's the great thing about working with scraps: if a fabric is ugly you can't tell once it is cut up in smaller pieces. You quilts are beautiful.

  4. I agree! I think the quilt turned out quite nice, even if the fabrics you started with were a bit on the crazy side--LOL! I haven't started the May Schnibbles yet--not sure what I'll use for it, but now you've got me thinking!