Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's been awhile...

Ok, I enjoy reading other people's blog more than writing on my own.

August consisted of 3 quilt deadlines.    Two of those were met.  One is a top that still needs basting.

This is Annie & Randy's wedding quilt.  One of the 3 deadlines. It's reversible and all flannel.  It gets cold up here in Vermont.  She is further north than I am.

Here is my first barn quilt spotted in Vermont.  I didn't know there is a group doing this.  I have always enjoyed the ones posted that are out west.  My dd took this.  It's in Sheldon, VT.  She did a great job, it looks like a postcard.
While reading other blogs I found this Quilt Along.  Molly Sparkles is/was doing this.  I kept trying to use will power to not join but you can never have enough projects going on at once, right?  I stash is multiplying like rabbits.
These are the blocks that I have completed so far.
The center 4 blocks are already quilted and joined.  It would be nice if all the sashings would line up.  Oh, well.  This is planned to be king size when finished.  I found a nice tutorial for joining.  No hand sewing, all done by machine.  I really like it.
 I love halloween!!! Here is a kit that I picked up at Vermont Quilt Festival.  It's a Wooden Bear pattern and kitted by Traditions at the White Swan (favorite vender at festival).
This is the base of my punkin Jack.  It's going to be a twister quilt.  I forgot to take the picture before I started cutting the twister part.  That's what you see at the top.  My family couldn't believe how much smaller it is going to be when completed.
This is what I wake up to every morning.  The colors are starting to show.  This pic was taken back in July or August.  Colors are starting to show but you can't see them in the dark.  I have been having to work very early shifts lately.  I'll try to get so pretty foliage ones this week.  Hopefully I can remember to post.

I've got some more sewing to do, so till later.....Dona

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  1. You have been busy. I love the wedding quilt and the pumpkins. Happy quilting.