Sunday, February 2, 2014

I don't make resolutions, I make new goals.  Here are a few for sewing that I'm going to try this year:

1.  Fabric Diet!
         My stash is HUGE.  I have a large amount of scraps (what I call scraps).  When we moved I said                  things were going to get organized as it came out of storage.  This is a slow progress.
2.  Yardage Used Chart
         I have watched others keep track and am amazed.  I never kept track of how much fabric a project              takes.  This will also help me keep track of projects I've made.
3.  Blog more
         I have already messed up.  Well I guess if I keep to some of the other goals, I might make a post once          a month.
4.  No new UFOs
         By using the fabric usage chart, I hope things will be completed instead of being just a flimsy.  I really          don't have the space to store them and I do get bored easily.
5.  Finish old UFOs
         I have to many of these to count.  The get stored in a couple of totes.  Those that need to become a              flimsy and another that are finished tops.

I still do not feel like this is my home.  Maybe it's because I lived so long at the other place, maybe because my dad will never see or give his approval of this home, or maybe it's because I don't have my own little space yet.  My room that was to be my sewing area has become the catch all room.  Maybe I should make a #6 goal.  Little by little my space is coming.

So I'm going to try and stick to these 5 and see what happens.  Just writing this has me thinking of others that I can add but I don't want to overwhelm myself (I tend to do that).  This blog should become my life's journal.  I'm a very private person and it's hard for me to share myself.

Here's to new beginnings.....stitch by stitch....Dona

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