Thursday, May 1, 2014

Heartstrings torn...

What a day!  The last couple of days have been very hectic.  I'm itchin' for some stichin' !!! It's my sanity.  I thought I was going to be almost finished one of the dresses today but plans change.  Tomorrow should be calmer.

Yesterday, after being at work for only an hour, my poor sobbing daughter called.  It broke my heart to hear her in such pain.  Her wisdom teeth had decided to make themselves known!  I have been there and know that pain.  I couldn't leave was killing me.  I also knew that there wasn't a quick fix either.  She doesn't tolerate pain well.  It was such a rush this morning getting an appointment made, between school nurses calling and trying to get an early dismissal for her.  I had just an hour to pick her up and get her there.  It's a 1/2 hour commute just to school, then another 20 to the dentist.  We have a consult in July to start the process for them to be removed.  Poor girl, her pain is just beginning I'm afraid.  We did manage to get a prescription for a pain reliever.  Extra strength Excedrin and ibuprofen were just not enough.  I quickly looked at the meds and though it was just a form of tylenol 3, no big deal.  Imagine my surprise to find out it was the generic of Vicadin.  It worked though and that's the main thing.  She was finally able to eat something substantial.

I had forgotten about her phobia of skeletons.  We call him Mr. Bones.  Kind of a mother daughter joke.  I love halloween, my favorite time of year.  Mr. Bones cannot be part of the decorating.  It's ok if other homes use him, just not us.  I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't look at her xrays.  Then it hit me!!!  I thought it was cool..."no mom, that's just creepy!"  Then she started the crying laughing thing.  I tried to make light of it saying it was just her and not Mr. Bones..."I don't care, it's still creepy!"

                                                 Here she is for Winter Ball this past January!

Well, I didn't get to sew but I did manage to get a belt for my featherweight.  I kinda wished I didn't stop though.  I was patiently waiting for my turn.  I turned around and what did I see?  No, it can't be!  Yup, I think it is.  OMG!!!! It's a RED EYE!  I didn't look to close.  It's not a treadle, but it looks like it could be turned into one.  I had noticed some tiny hand writting in the bottom left corner of the case "1916".  She shines!!!  I asked how much for it.  "Ah....Ah.... $100?  That's what they call that huh? A Red Eye?"  OMG!!! he doesn't even know what he has.  (No wonder I don't take my machines to him).  I didn't get it.....yet!  I need to think on this one, but she sure is pretty!  I have Saturday off.  Not sure if he's open then or not.  Didn't even have my phone to take any pictures.... 

We shall see......

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