Monday, September 14, 2015

What a Week

We lost Treasure Tuesday night.  The heat and humidity was awlful!  It's been very somber around here.  SUCH a void.  He is GREATLY mised!  He slept in Cass's room along side her bed.  He's not there now.  So hard for her.  Rod found himself searching the house when he didn't greet him at the door Friday.  I found myself being careful not to step on him in the dark going into my room, but he wasn't there.

Work was stressful.  We had inventory Thursday.  They left the place in a mess and then the truck that came in Wednesday couldn't go out until Friday.  The weather has turned cool.  Normal fall weather.  You can bet that makes it busy!  So cleaning up, stocking, and waiting on customers made for an exhausting week!  Another truck today!  Don't know where it's going to go on the shelves.  We do manage somehow.  Oh yeah, working 6 days in a row doesn't help.  My whole body hurts. Needless to say no sewing has happened.

The week before I was finally able to make a small sewing area in my sewing room.  Now I have to work and live in it to see and feel how I want things permanetly.  You know how they say you have to live in a space before decorating.

Life will get back to normal eventually.

I Sir Treasure of Lil

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